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(VIDEO) The Hidden Key to Attracting Your Ideal Clients

Have you ever wondered what made your favorite clients decide to work with you? In this video I will talk about this hidden key that is  often overlooked but critical to converting your ideal prospects into ideal clients.  

I recently spoke with a client who was applying for a dream consulting contract at a major company. My client was in a bind.The hiring director was accustomed to paying their consultants 3X what my client normally charged. My client  knew she would need to triple her normal fee for them to view her as qualified enough for the position. It felt great on one level, but on another level it felt extremely uncomfortable. She felt stuck. 

My client wondered, “How can I possibly triple my normal fee and not come across as an impostor in the interview?”

When I looked at my clients energy field, I saw she had a large mass of dark green energy in her heart area.  The heart is the center that controls love, self-love and our ability to receive. Dark green in this area indicated my client was struggling with deep fears of being unworthy and not good enough.  This energy block was making it uncomfortably difficult to allow herself to receive this higher paying dream contract that was wanting to come into her life.

Our heart center is one of the strongest indicators of how much fulfillment, love and abundance we are able to receive in our life. As women we get programmed by our patriarchal culture that we are not worthy of or entitled to receive high level positions or high paying clients. This programming blocks the heart energy and creates feelings of anxiety and discomfort that can cause women to sabotage their own success. Opening your heart to receive at a higher level is key to overcoming this anti-success programming and attracting not just ideal clients but more love, abundance, and fulfillment into your life. 

Here are some tips to opening your heart center so you are able to receive more clients, abundance and success:

1. Release your need to be perfect.

It can sometimes be difficult to see how critical we are of our own selves. Next time you are feeling bad or unworthy, ask yourself if there is an area of your life or your business in which you may be too critical of yourself.  Once you’ve identified it, ask a good friend who will be honest with you for their perspective. Do they think you are being too self-critical, undervaluing yourself, or putting yourself down? Just getting that small bit of objectivity can make a world of difference in your ability to open your heart to receive more of what you truly want. 

2. Stop comparing yourself 

The world of social media has made it 10X harder for us to not compare ourselves to other people’s ideal seeming lives. The problem is that we are comparing ourselves not to a real person, but to an image that person is projecting for us to see. We are all human and we all have hidden pains, flaws and struggles that the world doesn’t see. We also all have different unique paths that cannot be compared to each other–they are simply “different.”  

Next time you are beating yourself up because you feel you don’t “measure up” in some way to someone else, remind yourself that that person may not only have a completely different life path than you but also has pains and struggles in their lives that you may be completely unaware of. If you are noticing you are feeling jealous or envious of them, take a few minutes to send them love  instead. Then notice what shifts in your awareness.

3. Let go of the “shoulds”

The only way we can be truly happy and receive what will most fulfill us is to allow ourselves to receive what our soul most wants for us.  This means feeling into what you really want, and letting yourself have and do just that. Next time you feel obligated to choose or do something you “should”  feel into the choice. Does your choice feel challenging and energizing or heavy and energy draining? If it is the latter it is either a)the wrong choice b) the wrong timing or c) inner resistance that needs to be released.  (We’ll talk more about this in tip #5.) 

4. Practice the art of acceptance, gratitude and  appreciation  

Practicing acceptance, gratitude and appreciation not just for the people and things in your life but for who you are is an effective way to start shifting your energy consciousness so you heart can open to receiving more of it’s true desires.

5. Release old programming that blocks your ability to receive

If you are a woman, chances are you have received programming from your upbringing and from our patriarchal culture that may be blocking your ability to receive in very hidden ways. As women we have received messages that our role is to be the giver, the supporter and the nurturer, not the successful CEO or entrepreneur. This type of anti-success programming is very hidden. On a conscious level you may fully believe you deserve to receive a high level of success, but on the subconscious level your programming may be telling you it is not OK or even safe for you to receive it.  

This can create a confusing emotional discomfort–like in the case of my client– around allowing yourself to receive what you really want. Healing modalities such as energy work, EFT, NLP, hypnosis and other modalities that work on the subconscious level can help open your energy flow so you more easily receive more success and fulfillment. My Inner Wealth Tool Kit guides you through a step-by-step energy healing process to release these types of blocks so you can begin creating more success and fulfillment in your business and life.  You can download it free here.

As for my client, once I described what I saw in her energy field she immediately recognized that old buried feelings of unworthiness were blocking her ability to receive this high paying dream contract. We then did some energy work to release the old programming so she felt fully worthy and comfortable with receiving at this new higher level.  The next time I spoke with my client she told me she had not only landed the contract but had been invited by the same company to apply for more contracts at her new higher rate.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that it helps you open to receiving more ideal clients, more success and more fulfillment in your life.

Auric field consultant Dr. Sandra Schur uses her skill of reading the human aura to help purpose-driven entrepreneurial and professional women connect to the deeper truth of their souls. As the founder and owner of Aura Power, she has worked with numerous clients from across multiple industries to achieve newfound clarity, align with their deeper purpose, and create more success and fulfillment. By reading her clients' auras, she has helped many see their lives and businesses in a different light that is more aligned with their souls. Having developed this skill in private practice as a chiropractor, she now uses these gifts to help her clients break through subconscious blocks, creating more success and fulfillment in their lives and their business. She works with clients both 1-1 and in her group programs nationally and internationally.

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