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Success Stories

A Rock Star Intuitive Business Coach…

“Sandra helped me become aware of limiting beliefs that blocked my business success. Her gift of clairvoyance made it simple for me to trust that she was on the right track with helping me not only uncover but also shift these beliefs through her tapping solution. Sandra was helpful in real time by suggesting that I increase my programs to a two level program that would serve my clients more effectively. I’d recommend that you contact Sandra if you want to uncover limiting beliefs and shift them for more positive results in your business.”

Patricia Fuqua, Relationship Coach


“The changes in me and my life are huge…”

“Sandra’s program has made a very big, positive difference in my life. I have made great movement forward with my career. I am operating beyond my old comfort zone, trusting the process of life, and seeing support and opportunities manifest on an ongoing basis. In the last month, I have acted in four short films, been contracted (cast) in a major role in a low-budget feature, and am feeling a confidence that I have never experienced before. When I first started the program, the changes were slow but I stuck with it. Now, the changes are happening faster and faster and it is all getting easier and easier. Sandra cuts through to the subconscious that controls how we feel about ourselves and therefore our actions. This is a great program. I am continuing with it because the changes in me, and the changes in my life, are huge.”

Kike Adedeji- Actress, Singer


“A sustained level of abundance beyond my wildest dreams…”

After running my business for over 10 years I had never really “broken through” financially in a sustainable way… During our very first session Sandra zeroed in on some of my blocks due to cultural programming that really rang true. As we continued to work together, I loved how she would uncover new blocked areas or new ways of approaching the blocks…Through working with Sandra things shifted substantially and those shifts are sticking. I’m approaching my business from intuition and creativity. Things feel easy, fun, aligned and powerful and I’m loving it. I’m experiencing a sustained level of abundance in every area of my life that was once beyond my wildest dreams…If you feel like you are working hard, doing everything “you’re supposed to” and feel like you’re getting nowhere I highly recommend working with Sandra. You will finally unblock what needs to be unblocked once and for all in order to receive the abundance that is your birthright.

Lauri Smith, Speaker, Author, Coach


“An impact that stays with you…I feel extremely empowered and more aligned.”

“As a result of my work with Sandra, I found an immense amount of relief, permission and clarity. I was able to reconnect to my inner wealthy woman and the way that it gets to be for me–tapping back into my truth and my desires was liberating! I loved that she crafted personal mantras to alchemize my energy and after each process she checked in with my energy, adjusted and created a new one where I went deeper. It was so impactful to have that customized love, permission and healing. Being in Sandra’s loving energy was so powerful — she leaves an impact that stays with you long after your time together. I feel extremely empowered and more aligned after our time together.  Thank you, Sandra, you are magic and I feel grateful and honored to have been in your space.”

Autumn Bensette, Intuitive Business Coach


“I can trust my intuition — and my relationships are even stronger and closer than before.”

“Before working with Sandra I felt uncertain about things and sometimes stuck in communicating my desires. There were times it took me longer than necessary to make decisions due to overthinking and analyzing.

After working with Sandra, I saw that my indecisiveness was because I focused too heavily on what others might think or feel. Rather than trusting that my deep desires should be respected, I often held back. Through our session I was able to unblock some of the old programming causing me to doubt my desires. Since then, I feel more empowered to own my voice and expression. I don’t over-analyze because I can trust my intuition. I am less afraid to speak my mind and my relationships are even stronger and closer than before.”

Melinda Lee, Women’s Speaking and Empowerment Coach

Helped Me Move Forward in an Empowering Way

“When Sandra and I started working together all I had was an idea, many fears and lots of excuses. Sandra met me right where I was and helped me to move forward from there in a way that felt SO EMPOWERING! She help me identify layers of beliefs that were holding me back and taught me a powerful way to move past them…By the end of our time together I’d created several offerings, rebranded, started working on a new website and attracted my first self care coaching prospect. I’m so appreciative of our time together and highly recommend Sandra to any coach, creative or entrepreneur ready to make things happen via the path of least resistance. “

Maria Fendrick – Self Care Coach


“I was blown away by the powerful energy…”

“When I first experienced Sandra’s work I was blown away by the powerful energy I could feel as she helped me clear negative imprints. Her work accesses deep places of resistance that I didn’t even realize were there. I can feel powerful seeds of change that have been planted by our work together…I have a much stronger sense of what I want in my business, I have better boundaries and I am much better at communicating my needs. I would recommend this work to anyone who is feeling stuck or unable to make a change they have been wanting to for some time. A lot of times what keeps us stuck are hidden subconscious beliefs that we don’t even know are there. It takes an expert like Sandra to systematically sleuth them out and free us from them.”

Dr. Marie Rodiguez, Naturopath and Shamanic Energy Healer


“Helped me shift beliefs I couldn’t even access before…”

“Sandra Schur is a gem. She went to the heart of my issues right away and worked with me to uncover, voice, and shift beliefs I couldn’t even access before. I loved the affirmations she created for me and felt very cared about in our session. Sandra is passionate skilled, and a wonderful intuitive. “

Mytrae Meliana MFT, – Sound Healer, Author, Psychotherapist


“I have shifted my energy focus 180 degrees…”

“Participating in Sandra’s program has truly been a blessing in learning to achieve inner happiness and abundance by releasing negativity and conflict in my energy system. With Sandra’s guidance, I have shifted my energy focus 180 degrees. My intention and purpose is no longer to strive for outward perfection and success, but to vibrate a more positive and peaceful inner state that will manifest emotional and financial abundance. I can now let my security come from being present, going with the flow and trusting in the healing space of unconditional love.”

Emily Congdon – Healthcare Consultant


A Unique and Deep Approach

“When I met Sandra I just knew I had to work with her because I could tell her approach was both deep and unique. I love her Inner Wealth System. I use it whenever I feel blocked. It hones in on just what I need to release. Afterwards I feel more free, energized to take action where I was dragging my feet before. I’ve used it to help me with writing marketing copy. Most recently just after doing one of her sessions I got clear guidance to begin my own meetup group, “Trust Your Inner Voice for Success”. I recommend her to anyone who feels like something is holding them back from being as successful as they could be.”

Nicola Walker, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist


Invaluable…Helped Me Take the Action I Needed to Move Foward

“Three things about my session amazed me: The first was Sandra could actually read my colors over the phone. That blew me away. The second was that the colors of my energy so clearly reflected what was going on inside of me. The third is how knowledgeable Sandra is about what the colors mean and her ability to translate them into meaningful information … Hearing another person put into words what I was going through was invaluable. It helped me to self-reflect, understand, and take the action I needed to move forward.”

Cynthia Klein, Certified Parenting Educator


New Clarity About a Long-Standing Core Issue

“Sandra’s ability to see the colors in my energy field and precisely interpret their meaning was very useful and enlightening. She helped me get clarity about a core issue that I had been struggling with for a long time.

Sandra works with a loving heart and in a very gentle way. She is talented, intuitive, and supportive. You feel comfortable working with her.”

Jenny Li Ciccone, EFT Practitioner/Mindset Coach

I Didn’t Expect It Could Be So Strong So Instantly!

“With her ability to tune into ones energy field “reading” the colors Sandra can give you immediate feedback on what is going on within you on a level you may not be able to get aware of yourself. She guided us through easy to follow exercises – which immediately had strong impact right on the spot…  I really did not expect that it could be so strong so instantly!

The deeper impact which had evolved over the following days was even stronger and caused shifts in my perception and daily actions. Sandra’s input and guidance causes you to focus and and adjust your intentions week by week, thus almost forcing you into achieving success!”

Sanja Bee, Lifestyle Entrepreneur


Connects the Esoteric With the Pragmatic

“I’m so thrilled to have found Sandra Schur! I’ve wanted to do deeper work with Chakras for a while. I found that it helped me stay more engaged with my energy level throughout my day. I really appreciate Sandra’s auric field work and her use of EFT in combination. It was very useful in connecting the esoteric with a pragmatic tool I can always use. Working with Sandra, I was able to connect with my feelings around long-held patterns and belief systems and make a conscious choice to break or continue with them. I also found her work trance-like and relaxing as well as practical in that we focused on grounded topics like career and finances.
I highly recommend Sandra’s work to folks who want more clarity on the way their energy effects decisions they make in their lives and would like an accessible “awareness tool” for connecting with their mind/body experience.”

Randi Kofsky, Bodyworker, Cranio-sacral Therapist

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