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Discover How the Power of Your Aura Can Align You With Your Passion and Purpose

So You Create the Healthy, Happy, Fulfilling Life You Deserve

This isn’t conventional coaching. 

This isn’t just about creating a more positive “mindset”, getting clarity on your goals or taking action steps. It’s much more than that.

My clients get multiple “ahas!” and breakthroughs through the course of a single session.

Like the following clients of mine:

“With her ability to tune into one’s energy field “reading” the colors Sandra can give you immediate feedback on what is going on within you on a level you may not be able to get aware of yourself.  I really did not expect that it could be so strong so instantly! The deeper impact which had evolved over the following days was even stronger and caused shifts in my perception and daily actions. Sandra’s input and guidance causes you to focus and adjust your intentions week by week, thus almost forcing you into achieving success!”

Sanja Bee–Lifestyle Entrepreneur

“During our very first session Sandra zeroed in on some of my blocks due to cultural programming that really rang true. As we continued to work together, I loved how she would uncover new blocked areas or new ways of approaching the blocks…Through working with Sandra things shifted substantially and those shifts are sticking. I’m approaching my business from intuition and creativity. Things feel easy, fun, aligned and powerful and I’m loving it. I’m experiencing a sustained level of abundance in every area of my life that was once beyond my wildest dreams…!”

Lauri Smith– Speaker, Author, Coach


Because we’ll be quickly dissolving and clearing the blocks and cultural programming that are currently holding your energy hostage.

This is done by using the power of your emotional energy – your electromagnetic field.

With this method, you can access more of your own life force energy so you’ll have improved clarity, effectiveness, self-love, intuition, and confidence.

And… the transformation is permanent.

This process will empower you to fully step into your power to create the life and business you love.

How do I know this?

Because 100% of my clients experience noticeable improvement and results with their first session.

Some of the benefits are the following:

✔ Greater self-compassion, self-belief, higher knowing, and intuition.

✔ Greater confidence, clarity and motivation

✔ Alignment with your purpose that inspires out-of-the-box thinking and more effective action. 

✔ Improved self-love, self-acceptance, and ease of self-expression that makes magnetic to the right people and opportunities

✔ Healthier self-care and lifestyle choices

✔ More happiness and  fulfillment in your life

… And many more…

There are three ways you can work with me to grow yourself and your business:


1-1 Aura Power Activation Sessions

Through reading the aura we identify and clear any limiting beliefs or programming that is currently blocking you in a specific area of your life or business.  These sessions are completely tailored to your individual needs so you get the best and fastest results.

These sessions work well for getting insight and making a breakthrough in specific issues in your business and your life.

Initial 60" Session

(new clients only)


Group of happy women in circle wearing pink for breast cancer on white background

Soul Alignment For Success Group Program

–Achieve your goals in a faster, easier, and more enjoyable way
–Tap into your “heart power” to connect with your purpose and take aligned effective action
–Get the support and community you need to inspire and propel you towards your goals

From a participant:

“Before I took Sandra’s program, I was just floating along, not making very many sales. This program helped me get out of my own way and clear my blocks around client conversion and making sales. As a result, I have had one of the most profitable months ever in my business.”


Kick Start Your Success Program

This 4-month VIP 1-1 program will help you:

  • Think out of the box and grow from a new level of innovation and creativity
  • Break old limiting mindsets so you step into a whole new level of empowerment in your life.
  • Dissolve old limiting programs so you take more effective actions that attract a new level of  success
  • Radiate authentic confidence and clarity that attracts the right people and opportunities
  • Powerfully communicate your unique value so you naturally magnetize your ideal clients
  • Honor your mind/body/spirits deepest needs and desires so you take the aligned actions that nurture and support you at the deepest level
  • Align with your highest destiny so you live a life of true fulfillment


Why am I doing this? My soul’s deepest desire is to support other purpose driven entrepreneurs, creatives, and professionals in healing their own past traumas and limiting beliefs so they can live their happiest, healthiest, most fulfilled lives.

Doing so will help them stand in their power, shine their light, and share their gifts so they bring the kind of positive change to the planet that is so badly needed now.

Again, it’s about permanent positive transformation.

Why do you need this now?

 If you don’t address the limiting beliefs and programming currently running in your life:

  • You’ll likely remain stuck in patterns that hinder your ability to achieve the success, health, and happiness you truly desire and deserve.
  • You may continue feeling dissatisfied with your quality of life, unsure of why or how to change it.
  • You could end up investing significant resources in coaching programs or therapy without ever addressing the root cause of your challenges: your self-sabotaging programming and subconscious limiting beliefs.
  • You may continue to find it difficult to love yourself and give yourself the self-care your body and soul need. 
  • You may struggle to attract the relationships that offer the appreciation and support you crave.

That's why it's important to start tapping into the power of your aura now.

Want to learn more?

If you’re ready to learn more and take action, the first step is to apply for your FREE strategy session.

During this session, we’ll connect on Zoom for a chat, where you can share where you’re currently at and how I might be able to assist you. Finally, I’ll provide you with personalized tips and recommendations to help you move forward and create the life you love.

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