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How to Make Heart Centered Connections That Attract Ideal Clients

Making a heart felt connection with a prospect is the probably the most crucial factor in having them say “yes” to you and your services.  Though they may not even realize it clients don’t choose to come to you solely to “solve their problem”. They also come to you  for understanding, emotional support and connection.  To make that kind of authentic connection, you need to have the emotional presence, confidence and clarity that gives clients the support and objective insight they so desire and value.

Valerie recently consulted me about her new energy healing and wellness coaching practice.  She was struggling with how to communicate her value to potential clients.  “I feel like I get too much up in my head when I talk to a prospect” Valerie said.  “I get confused about what I should tell them about my work so they can recognize how much it will help them.”  Valerie was frustrated that she was talking to women who she know would really benefit from her work, but for some reason, they “just didn’t get it”.  She wondered how she could communicate her value in a more powerful and compelling way so that more clients would sign up to work with her.

When I looked at Valeries energy field, I noticed she had a patch of white energy in front of her forehead area.  I told her, “This white energy in your forehead area tells me that you have a very high ideal about what you want to see happen when you talk to a prospect. You have such a strong idea in your head about how you think things should go that it’s hard for you to just be present and see and hear what the prospect is actually communicating.”  Valerie admitted that this was true. She wanted her prospects to see the value of her work so badly it distracted her from being fully present with them.  She was so caught up in her desire to inspire them to be her client she wasn’t able to fully tune into them and truly connect.

The next color I saw in Valerie’s field was a brownish color in front of her heart center.  “This brown color,” I told her, “is telling me you have a comfort zone about how you can give and receive love and support.  It’s limiting you in growing your business.  Your soul wants you to receive love and support in this new way  but another part of you is so uncomfortable with it it actually resists it.”  Valerie admitted this was true.  She had never had her own business before. She a job as the manager of a healing center for several years.  The thought of having clients pay her for her healing work was thrilling, while at the same time it made her very uncomfortable.

The last color I saw in Valerie’s field was a darkish green color in her solar plexus area.  “This green color is telling me you have an inner conflict around power and love.  Part of you enjoys having empowering mutually supportive relationships. But another part of you feels unconfident, unworthy and undeserving about it. ” Valerie agreed this was true.  She felt totally confident and empowered working and connecting with the clients at her job. But her confidence plummeted when it came to working with her own paying clients.  This lack of confidence caused her to go “into her head” sabotaging the heart connection with prospects that would inspire them to work with her.

Valerie realized her lack of confidence was related to her discomfort around having a high level of personal power and love in her life.  She needed to release her inner blocks around receiving at this new level so she could communicate from this confident heart space. This would help her connect with prospects and inspire them to hire her and work with her.

Do you ever feel like you are not connecting to prospects in a heart felt way?  Here are some tips to help you connect:

How to Make Heart Centered Connections That Attract Ideal Clients

1) Stay in the present

a. What it is: focusing on being fully present in order to really hear and understand your prospect’s needs and goals

b. Why it’s important:  It’s easy to get caught up in the end goal of having a client work with us when we are approached by an interested prospect and want to grow our business. But this “end goal” orientation” can stop us from being present and really listening and connecting.  People want to be heard, not persuaded.

c. How to do it: Slow down. If you find yourself thinking about how to convince them to buy from you, stop it.  Come back to listening to them and tune into what is really going on with them.  Speak to it. Ask questions.  This will bring the conversation to a whole new deeper level that will let them know you understand and can help them.

2) Listen to discover the clients real need

a. What it is:  Listening for and hearing the unspoken need behind what the client is telling you

b. Why it’s important: People come to us to help us solve problems they can’t solve themselves. Being able to identify the hidden factor that is really causing the clients problem is what will make you stand out from the crowd and make your services truly valuable.

c. How to do it:  Identifying the hidden need does take some skill but can be learned with time and experience.  First, tune into their body language and tone of voice. When do they sound hesitant? Do they seem to be avoiding something?  Do they sound intimidated by something?  Listen for the issues that might be causing them stress. Then ask them “What is a bigger challenge for you, (Issue A) or (Issue B)?” Then really listen to their answers and begin to offer solutions.

3) Talk about the clients needs (rather than your services)

a. What it is: Focusing the conversation on the prospects particular needs and solving them (rather than what your services can do for them)

b. Why it’s important: You can have an outstanding service that will solve your prospects problem perfectly, but if they don’t feel heard and understood by you, they will not be interested in your service.

c.  How to do it: Go into any conversation with a prospect with the simple intention of discovering and understanding the clients real problem and seeing if you can help them.  Stay open to what comes up in the process.  Be non-attached to the outcome. (If you are experiencing financial stress that makes you feel desperate about getting new clients, this will be hard to do.  See Tip 4.)

4)  Release subconscious fears and doubts that are blocking your confidence and personal empowerment.

a. What it is: Believing in yourself, your capabilities, and your value

b. Why it’s important: Confidence and personal power is essential for us to be fully present. It is also needed for clients to recognize our expertise and our value.

c. How to do it:  There are various methods that can help you release blocks to being confident.  Stress reduction methods such as mindfulness meditation  and yoga can help to release stress and ground and center you.  Energy healing therapies such as meridian tapping, flower essences, reiki and the Sedona method are also very helpful tools to help you become more empowered and self-confident.

At the end of our session I guided Valerie through an energy healing exercise to align her with receiving a new level of power and abundance. We used the clearing statement: “I can get out of my comfort zone, love myself, and be empowered as a successful and prosperous entrepreneur.”

Then next time I saw Valerie she was excited at what that had happened in the few days since she had spoken with me. She told me, “I got a new client and another woman told me she wants to be in my new coaching group. I could tell it was the result of the work you had done with me–it happened so easily and naturally.”

Do you ever feel like you can’t connect to prospects so they are inspired to become your client?  You may have a subconscious block that is affecting your ability to attract clients and grow your business.  My Aura Power Tool Kit helps you release subconscious blocks so you can have the clear confident presence that attracts more of your ideal clients.  You can get it free here.

Auric field consultant Dr. Sandra Schur uses her skill of reading the human aura to help purpose-driven entrepreneurial and professional women connect to the deeper truth of their souls for better self-care and soul-aligned success. As the founder and owner of Aura Power, she has worked with numerous clients from across multiple industries to achieve newfound clarity, align with their deeper purpose, create healthy self-care habits, and manifest more happiness, health, success, and fulfillment. By reading her clients' auras, she has helped many see themselves in a different light that is more aligned with their souls. Having developed this skill in private practice as a chiropractor, she now uses these gifts to help her clients break through subconscious blocks and self-sabotaging patterns,, creating more health, happiness, success and fulfillment in their lives and their business. She works with clients both 1-1 and in her group programs nationally and internationally.

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