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How to Create Mutually Fulfilling Relationships

The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.–Carl Jung

Mutually fulfilling relationships are probably one of the biggest sources of happiness and contentment in our lives. One of the common issues I help clients solve is balancing their own priorities and needs with those around them so they can create and maintain mutually supportive relationships.

When clients have this issue and I look at their energy fields,  I commonly see a patch of dark blue in their chest area, AKA their heart or 4th chakra.  (Dark blue is authority energy that misdirects our will forces and the 4th chakra is our love/relationship center.)

For us to be happy and fulfilled we need to honor who we are and what we need and be supportive of those around us in also doing that in a healthy balanced way. We need to balance our needs with those of the people we are in relationship with so everyone feels supported and cared for.

This can be a challenge for those of us who were raised to be “people pleasers.” There can be cultural programming, especially for women, in putting others’ needs before our own. We get the message putting others’ needs before our own makes us loveable people. It can become instinctual and reflexive to give, give, give. We don’t even realize we are doing this, then wonder why we feel exhausted, unloved, and uncared for.

On the other hand, we can also receive programming that told us being a “success” is what makes us loveable. We can then get too caught up in our own work and ambitions and neglect to give our relationships the care and attention they require.  

We need to step back and see our behavior clearly from a place of self-awareness so we can nurture ourselves and our relationships in the ways that are truly needed. 

Are you wanting to create more fulfilling relationships? Here are a few tips that I have found helpful in creating mutually supportive relationships.

1) Give to others from a place of abundance

For us to create mutually supportive relationships we need to love and honor ourselves first. This is the only way we will have the reservoir of love and caring to give to others. If we feel unloved and uncared for, how can we give love and care to others? It’s about putting your own oxygen mask first, then giving to others from a place of self-honoring and abundance.  Healthy relationships can then be built and maintained in a sustainable way.

2) Relationships are a mirror 

It is pretty much impossible to see ourselves in a completely objective way. Relationships can show us parts of ourselves that we have difficulty seeing on our own, both the good and the bad. We can perceive our gifts more clearly through others’ eyes as well as our flaws. Both kinds of information are useful. We have the opportunity to both dismantle our unhealthy egos and step into our most evolved enlightened selves. The key is staying open to the information we are receiving so we can grow and benefit from it. We can then be our best selves and have the most to offer in our relationships. 

3) Listen deeply …and be open to feedback 

One of the things I have learned in my marriage is that relationships are probably one of the most valuable tools for personal growth we will ever experience. My husband often helps me see when I am taking things too personally with other people and helps me get back my objectivity and my emotional bearings.

When we are deeply seen and heard by another, it makes us feel loved and cared for like nothing else. When we give that gift to others, they feel loved and cared for. A wonderful intimate connection is created that fulfills and feeds both our hearts. 

Relationships are one of the biggest, if not the biggest sources of fulfillment in our lives. Hope you find these tips useful in creating more mutual fulfillment in your relationships.

Auric field consultant Dr. Sandra Schur uses her skill of reading the human aura to help purpose-driven entrepreneurial and professional women connect to the deeper truth of their souls for better self-care and soul-aligned success. As the founder and owner of Aura Power, she has worked with numerous clients from across multiple industries to achieve newfound clarity, align with their deeper purpose, create healthy self-care habits, and manifest more happiness, health, success, and fulfillment. By reading her clients' auras, she has helped many see themselves in a different light that is more aligned with their souls. Having developed this skill in private practice as a chiropractor, she now uses these gifts to help her clients break through subconscious blocks and self-sabotaging patterns,, creating more health, happiness, success and fulfillment in their lives and their business. She works with clients both 1-1 and in her group programs nationally and internationally.

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