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May 20, 2022 – Unlock the Power of Your Aura Colors For More Abundance, Fulfillment, and Success

In this deeply experiential 4-hour workshop, we will re-wire your aura, energy system, and subconscious mind so it has a positive attractive relationship with whatever form of abundance you would like to manifest.

I will be doing live aura readings and clearings –complete with color drawings–with participants who desire it. This workshop is guaranteed to help you shift your relationship with abundance and open you to more ease and flow around wealth, love, and success.

The workshop is limited to 20 participants. Register early to reserve your spot.


June 2, 2022 – How to Clear Your Aura For Weight Loss and Self-Care

Would you like to be emotionally driven to make healthy food and lifestyle choices?

One of the main reasons people struggle to lose weight is emotions drive their food choices. Food has a primal association with love, safety, security, and nurturance.

As a result, when we feel stressed, overwhelmed, unloved, etc. we can unconsciously turn to food for emotional comfort.  This can become a habit pattern that leads us to become and stay overweight.

This free masterclass will show you how you can tap into the power of your aura–your emotional energy field–so you are emotionally driven to make healthier food choices.

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