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About the Aura and Aura Activation Sessions

Learn about the significance and power of your aura and what having your aura “read” is all about. 

What is the Aura?

aura colors
The human aura

The human aura is a field of subtle, luminous radiation surrounding us and extending outward from our physical body.

To most, it is invisible to the physical eye. But to some who have the ability, it is visible through the third or “inner eye.

On a scientific level, it is related to the electromagnetic field of the body. It serves as a visual map of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual states. 

The aura can have different colors in different areas, depending on the frequency and vibration of the energy.

The aura changes according to our thoughts, feelings, actions, and experiences. When we are happy and in alignment with our soul, we are ‘shining our light’ and our aura is bright. When we are conflicted, emotionally blocked or out of alignment, it is dark in certain areas. 

You know something is amiss, but you can’t be sure what or why that is. This is the power of the aura: to reveal our unconscious blocks and bring them into the light, so we can create our most fulfilling life. 

The Effects of Trauma

dark patches in the aura
Dark areas in the aura

Trauma can create negative emotions, such as fear, anger, guilt, shame, or sadness, which can lower the vibration of the energy body and create dark or murky colors in the aura.   These areas cause blockages in our life force, which can cause us to doubt who we are and what we need. They can block us from being and expressing our true selves, living our soul’s purpose, and shining our Light.

By understanding the colors in our aura, we can gain insight into ourselves and our potential. By clearing our aura of these blockages, we can improve our clarity, confidence, and motivation as well as our health, happiness, and success.

What Happens During an Aura Power Activation Session

We begin your session by helping you clarify the life issue or goal that you would like insight and help with.  The aura is very dynamic – it will change according to what you are thinking about. (It will look very different if you are thinking about your Hawaiian vacation vs. the thought that your dog is ill.)

For this reason, our first step is always to help you get clear in your intention so your mental focus will bring forth the most useful, helpful, and enlightening information.

Reading the Aura

While you hold your mental focus to your area of concern, I look at your aura to see what colors appear and where in the aura they appear.  I then create a color drawing of your aura colors. We then discuss the various colors that are showing up in your aura and what they mean. 

In general, darker colors indicate a limiting belief or program that is clouding your awareness and blocking your life force energy, while brighter colors indicate where your Light is shining and your energy is flowing freely.  

Many times your aura colors will reflect memories and experiences from childhood which color your perception of yourself and the world. Most clients experience multiple insights into themselves, their relationships, and their purpose during this part of the session. 

Clearing the Aura

We then use a powerful energy healing process to clear whatever limiting beliefs and subconscious blocks we may have identified.  Clearing your aura results in an immediate increased sense of well-being, clarity of purpose, confidence, inspiration, and motivation.  

bright aura
When your aura is cleared, it becomes very bright.

Aura Activation sessions align you with your true self, your higher self, and your soul’s purpose. Each session builds on the previous one.  There are multiple layers of programming and limiting beliefs we have absorbed from the culture and our programming. As we clear each layer, we become more free to be our true selves and shine our light out into the world. Our Light becomes brighter and brighter, and our life simply gets easier and easier as we are more in flow with the true nature of our life force energy.

We all have absorbed layers and layers of limiting beliefs and programming from the time we were babies. If we had a difficult childhood, the programming we absorbed can be especially hurtful to ourselves and our well-being. For this reason, a series of sessions is recommended if you desire to create profound permanent change in yourself and your life. 

Transformation takes time. In one session, we can identify what’s keeping you stuck and/or holding you back, but when we work with your aura over time, throughout several sessions, we release multiple blocks and create profound, permanent, positive change.  

Private 1-1 Aura Activation Sessions and Packages

Initial Session
(new clients only)

In this private 1-1 session reading the colors of your aura, you will get insight and understanding into your true soul self and its inner workings.

We will first identify and clear any limiting patterns, beliefs, or programming that are currently blocking you. This will begin the process of connecting you to the creative flow that creates fulfillment in your life. We will then formulate a plan so you know exactly what next steps to take to help you achieve your dreams.

This session will help align you with your purpose so you more easily manifest your heart’s desires.

Single Session
Package of 3 Sessions
Package of 5 Sessions
single payment--$997
3 payments of $347
Single Session
Package of 3 Sessions
Package of 8 Sessions
single payment--$1997
4 payments of $547
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