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Aura Power Workshop–Visibility: Shine Your Light and Attract Your Soul Tribe Clients

In this fun and empowering online workshop, experience live aura readings (complete with color drawings) and a group energy clearing that will clear out blocks in your energy field. Watch and follow along to up-level your energy so you shine your light more brightly and more easily attract more clients and more success.

Auric field consultant Dr. Sandra Schur uses her skill of reading the human aura to help purpose-driven entrepreneurial and professional women connect to the deeper truth of their souls. As the founder and owner of Aura Power, she has worked with numerous clients from across multiple industries to achieve newfound clarity, align with their deeper purpose, and create more success and fulfillment. By reading her clients' auras, she has helped many see their lives and businesses in a different light that is more aligned with their souls. Having developed this skill in private practice as a chiropractor, she now uses these gifts to help her clients break through subconscious blocks, creating more success and fulfillment in their lives and their business. She works with clients both 1-1 and in her group programs nationally and internationally.

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