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(VIDEO) How to Tap Into the Flow That Creates Success

Video transcript:

Do you ever get stuck in over-thinking? Over-thinking blocks your ability to move with that creative flow that creates success in your business and in your life. In this blog post, I will talk about this common energy pattern and share some tips to help you get off that mental hamster wheel so you can drop into that creative flow that helps you effortlessly achieve your goals.

I recently had a session with a client who was struggling to find her best next step to marketing her business effectively. She had already invested a considerable amount of time and energy on a launch that yielded little results. As a result, she was very discouraged and had a lot of self-doubt about how she could move her business forward.

When I looked at my clients energy field she had a large cloud of white energy surrounding her crown chakra. White is the color of perfectionism, so this indicated she was mentally searching for solutions while her inner critic was judging every possible solution that came into her mind as not perfect enough. My client had a bad case of over-thinking.

What causes over-thinking? We over-think when we can’t turn off our linear thinking mind and listen instead to our intuitive knowing. Our culture puts a premium on logical rational linear thinking. Intuition and other non-linear forms of thinking are commonly viewed as unreliable, un-grounded and even risky. This can create a big challenge for women in trusting and following their inner guidance because inner guidance is non-linear.

The irony is that most of the world’s biggest and most ground breaking discoveries have come through the non-linear intuitive creative mind. In fact it is believed Einstein once said, “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.” Learning to honor this sacred gift of intuition is one of the most effective ways to begin creating more success and fulfillment in our lives.

Here are four mind hacks to help you shift from over-thinking to intuitive knowing and creative flow:

1) Let go of needing to have the “answer”
In reality, most solutions do not come solely from within our own mind–they come from sources outside of ourselves. Putting all the pressure on yourself to figure out the answer is not just unrealistic, it can be completely counter-productive. This mental pressure is exactly what causes over-thinking. Next time you are stuck and getting nowhere and feel pressured to find a solution, ask yourself, “Can I let go of having to have the answer ?” This will release some of the pressure inside your own mind and create an opening for you to receive the solution from outside of yourself.

2) Get out of your head and into your body
Our deep wisdom lies in our entire mind/body not just in our brain and intellectual mind. Next time you get caught in over-thinking, try grounding down more into your body. Do some yoga, get a massage, take a bubble bath–something that will connect you more deeply to your body and it’s own inner wisdom. Once you are refreshed, see what comes into your awareness.

3) Change the station
Many times just taking our minds off a problem will allow the solution to pop in. Have you ever tried desperately to remember someone’s name and then suddenly remembered it while you were cooking dinner? Next time you are over-thinking, try switching gears. Go for a walk out in nature, play with your kids, go to the cafe–do something completely different to relax your mind so it can open to the solution.

4) Do some energy work
Whenever we are over-thinking, the flow of our energy consciousness is locked in a mental mind loop. Try doing some tapping (EFT), or some other energy release technique like the Sedona method to help you release the energy block that is stopping your intuitive creative flow.

As for my client, once we did a bit of energy clearing around her ability to tune into her higher guidance she was able to relax her mind and get back her sense of well-being, self-trust and confidence. A few days later she discovered a novel solution that would help her reach her target market in a way that positioned her as an authority and was totally aligned with her brand.

I hope you enjoyed this video and it that it helps you break out of over-thinking and tap more into your intuitive guidance and creative flow. Thanks for watching.

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Auric field consultant Dr. Sandra Schur uses her skill of reading the human aura to help purpose-driven entrepreneurial and professional women connect to the deeper truth of their souls for better self-care and soul-aligned success. As the founder and owner of Aura Power, she has worked with numerous clients from across multiple industries to achieve newfound clarity, align with their deeper purpose, create healthy self-care habits, and manifest more happiness, health, success, and fulfillment. By reading her clients' auras, she has helped many see themselves in a different light that is more aligned with their souls. Having developed this skill in private practice as a chiropractor, she now uses these gifts to help her clients break through subconscious blocks and self-sabotaging patterns,, creating more health, happiness, success and fulfillment in their lives and their business. She works with clients both 1-1 and in her group programs nationally and internationally.

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