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The Aura Deck
A tool to help you use your aura to attract & create more success.

Would you like to:  Have greater alignment with your soul’s purpose?  Attract and create more success and fulfillment in your life?  Break through creative blocks and think out of the box more easily?

The Aura Deck will help you do all this and more. Based on color readings of the 7 chakras of the human aura, each card is an affirmative “energy tool” that will help clear and align your energy so you become more naturally magnetic to your soul’s true desires.

Comes with complete advanced method instructions to help you:

• Release doubt, achieve clarity and gain insight that moves you to inspired action.

• Up-level your emotional energy so you become clear and confident.

• Drop into your creative flow so you naturally take the actions that help you create success.

• Radiate calm clear energy so you become naturally magnetic to the right people and the right opportunities.

Praise For the Aura Deck

Brings In What I Want to Create

The Aura Deck helps me release what energy isn’t serving me and brings in the aura and intention that is most in line with what I want to create.

The cards are very expressive and fun to do on your own or with a group to share the findings and feelings.

It is always fun to experiment with energy exchange and the Aura Deck is a great way to do the work on your own. Divinely created by Dr. Sandra Schur, the Aura Deck is a great addition to your spiritual and energetic practice.

Lisa Guillot, Certified Mindset Coach, Personal Brand Strategist


What I loved most about this deck was the affirmations. They really fit in with blocks in areas of my life that I knew I was running.

As a result of using the deck I feel more clear and enthusiastic as to the next steps to manifest my goals. I highly recommend the Aura Deck to anyone that wants to transform their inner world and manifest their goals in their outer world–it’s fabulous!

Caroline Cousins, Inner Transformation Coach

Taps Into the Information My Aura Has For Me

My experience with the deck is that it uses my own wisdom, or inner guru, to tap into what information my aura has for me. The Aura Deck allows my action steps to be revealed by listening to the whispers of my soul.

I now have another tool that allows me to be self-sufficient in my own healing process. I truly believe that through the Aura Deck Dr. Sandra has created a way for her own gifts to be accessed by the many, not just a few.

Aimee Lyndon-Adams, Consciousness Leader, Speaker, Author

More Peace and Ease With Money

Before participating in Sandra’s Aura Deck group session, I would have repetitive negative thoughts about having enough money to pay the bills, and at some level, I also believed they were true. For the session,  I intended to embody complete and total financial ease and abundance. As a result of the group dynamics, tapping and new affirmations created, I now see negative money beliefs and automatically shift to open, positive, and trusting money beliefs.  I am now experiencing more peace and ease in my relationship with money.

Maurine Xavier,  Transformational Leader, Speaker & Divine Guide

Help to Move Through Life’s Challenges

To my surprise, the Aura Deck workshop took me deep into layers of belief patterns that I was not fully aware of. I thought that would only happen in a 1:1 session…Now I am ready to use the Aura Deck on my own to help me better navigate what life has in store for me.  Thank you Sandra for creating a vibrantly colored and captivatingly phrased Aura Deck that invites us to explore our subconscious mind. I highly recommend this Aura Deck and also the group sessions for anyone who wants to hone in on their intuition to help move them through life’s challenges.

Denise DeShetler,  M.A., CMT, Passionate Health Advocate

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