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3 Mind Power Hacks That Can Unlock Authentic Success

3 Mind Power Hacks That Can Unlock Authentic Success

I had a conversation with a colleague recently about different motivational methods for helping clients achieve their goals.  She shared that she had been in a coaching program in which one of the exercises was walking on a long pile of broken glass.  The exercise was designed to demonstrate to the participants that if they focused their mind powerfully enough they could do anything, even feats that seemed impossible.

I asked how she felt about doing the exercise.  She said she cried and that she didn’t want to do it, but she made herself do it anyway despite her reluctance and discomfort.  I then asked what she thought about it after she did it.  She said she felt lucky that she had only sustained a few small cuts on her feet from the glass, but that she would never do it again.  “What’s the point? ” she said,  “How does knowing I can walk on broken glass help my business?”

3 Mind Power Hacks That Can Unlock Authentic Success?
3 Mind Power Hacks That Can Unlock Authentic Success?

Mind power is capable of shaping our reality in amazing ways.  But it can be misused. Misusing mind power can split us off from how we really feel inside.  It can separate us from our intuitive wisdom by overriding our authentic self in favor of a culturally programmed idea of who we need to be to be “OK.”  For this reason “impostor syndrome” is endemic in our society among high-achievers.

Here are three mind power hacks and some helpful tips for creating authentic success.

1) Use your fear to get to clarity.

Signs you need this hack: Fear is a protective physiological response that is designed to warn us of impending danger. Of course, sometimes the danger is quite real and obvious such as the fear of walking to close to the edge of a cliff. But the fears that come up in our careers and businesses are not so obvious.  Is it a mistake to sign onto this deal? Can I double my fees or will I price myself out of the market? Do I need to re-niche my business? Fears can cloud your clarity if you misread their true message.

Why you need this hack:  Trying to push through fear and make decisions without real clarity can sometimes spell disaster. Fears can come from our inner wisdom communicating to us that this is simply the wrong course of action. Strong fear can be a signal that something is not right and it is better to simply wait and allow the creative process to unfold.

How to do it: Fear does not originate from our minds. It is a physiological response that we feel in our body and interpret with our mind. In order to see more clearly and objectively the situation that makes you feel doubtful or afraid, release the fear from your body.  There are various energy healing methods such as EFT (meridian tapping) and the Sedona method that can help you do this. You can then see the situation clearly and so more easily take the best course of action.  This method also gives the added bonus of having less fear and more clarity in similar situations in the future. (Get my free kit that guides you through a step by step fear clearing process.)

2) Build in enjoyment on the journey to your major life goals.

Signs you need this hack:  It is easy to get caught up in the idea that success always takes a lot of hard work. There is nothing wrong with this if you are doing hard work that you enjoy.  Tasks that are difficult and complex can be quite enjoyable when they are perceived as a stimulating challenge. But if you are feeling like your work is drudgery and you are burned out, it is a sign you are not emotionally aligned with what you are doing.  Our emotions drive us. The feeling of “hard work” primarily comes either from a) our inner conflicted emotions of resistance, impatience, and self-judgement or b) our intuition telling us there is a better and easier way.

Why you need this hack:   If you believe that “hard work” is always necessary and continue to push yourself even when miserable, you can sabotage yourself in two ways. 1) You can blind yourself from seeing easier and more satisfying ways to achieve the same goal.  Not listening to your inner feelings can shut out your intuition.  2) If you are not listening to and honoring a part of you that needs attention you are essentially shoving it under the rug.  What we resist persists. Ignoring that part of you it will only strengthen it’s effect by making it more unconscious.

How to do it: Instead of being a workomaton who is pushing the river, build enjoyment into your work routine.  If you are feeling frustrated, bored,  or resistant, take a break. Get a change of scene. Go for a walk. Do some yoga. This will help let your creative mind think out of the box.  Try it and see what fresh ideas and approaches come to light.

3) Be yourself –avoid “fake it ’til you make it” syndrome.

Signs you need this hack:  Do you sometimes feel uncomfortable at networking or other personal or professional events and find it hard to connect? We all want to put our best foot forward and make a good impression especially when meeting other people for the first time. The problem comes when your discomfort causes you to put energy into making an impression that a) feels designed to impress more than connect b) does not feel like the real you.

Why you need this hack: Good relationships are based on authenticity and honesty. Trying too hard to make a certain impression can backfire. When we put too much energy in trying to impress other people they can perceive it in subtle and subliminal ways. They may not comment on it directly, but this kind of subtly incongruent communication can cause lack of connection or worse, mistrust.

What you should do instead:  The best business relationships are based on authenticity, likability and trust. Rather than focusing on the impression you want to make, focus on the other person. Relax about how you are being perceived. Be curious. Ask about their interests. Find out about their goals and dreams. Find out how you can best support them in getting what they want.This hack is not just a lot more enjoyable for both parties, it creates the heart felt connection that authentic success is all about.

I hope you found this blog post on ‘3 Mind Power Hacks That Can Unlock Authentic Success‘ helpful.  Have you struggled with creating success from an authentic place?  How did you break through? I would love to hear about it.  Please leave your comments below. You may also like to read my blog post on “5 Secrets to Self-trust That Powers Your Success”.

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