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Shine your light out into the world.

Discover how the power of your aura can align you with your purpose and create more health, happiness, and success in your life


Dear Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs, Healers, and Creatives:

Are you …

… feeling out of alignment with your purpose?

… working too hard at creating success?

… in need of more life balance and better self-care habits?

… not living the soul-aligned abundant life you know you deserve?

… longing for optimal health and happiness in body, mind, and spirit?

I totally understand you.

I know the pain of wanting to live my most soul-aligned, happiest, and healthiest life but still sabotaging myself in creating it and attracting it because of childhood traumas and limiting beliefs.

In fact, the #1 Factor Blocking Your Success is Right Under Your Nose…

It could be your cultural programming that’s blocking your success.

You may have tried meditation, journaling, self-hypnosis, or other ways of getting in touch with your deeper self, but still not get the clarity and alignment that allows you to easily achieve your success and self-care goals. It’s not your fault. The good news is there is a solution.

It’s using the Power of your Aura.

You can attract more success, abundance, and fulfillment and create better self-care habits using the power of your emotional energy field.

Imagine your life when you:

– More easily create success in your business and life

– Are completely aligned with your life’s purpose

– Are happier, healthier, and more fulfilled 

– Enjoy practicing healthy self-care habits that create your optimally healthy body

– Have mutually fulfilling relationships that give you the love and support you truly deserve

– Understand and appreciate yourself more

That’s the abundant fulfilling life many people are longing for.

And I know you can have it.

Because in my twenty-five years of practice, I have helped hundreds of people overcome subconscious blocks so they could create more health, happiness, and success in their lives.

Curious about how it works? Watch this podcast interview excerpt in which Karen J. Stultz CMC, CHt, CIWC, and I discuss the mechanics of your aura (electromagnetic field) and how it helps you manifest more of what you want in your life.

Who am I?

 I’m Dr. Sandra Schur, Auric Field Expert.

For years I struggled to be successful. After much stress and heartbreak, I finally realized what was blocking my success was not lack of intelligence or talent.  

It was my own self-doubts and inner conflicts about success, power, and abundance. 

Once I realized this and began to work on myself using the methods I developed, my whole world changed. I manifested a prosperous and fulfilling life along with a successful and growing business. Plus. I found myself emotionally driven to create new healthy self-care habits that allowed me to lose the excess pounds I had been carrying around for years. 

I now want to share my discoveries with you so you too can live an optimally healthy, happy, authentic fulfilling abundant life you love. 


Your Energy Creates Your Success.

Once you remove the subconscious blocks, past traumas and cultural programming that affect the flow of your energy, you will:

Create Inner Alignment

Create inner alignment that inspires and motivates you to effective action that creates soul-aligned success.

Attract the Right People and Opportunities

Release limiting emotional and energetic patterns so you attract the right people and opportunities.

Radiate a Naturally Confident Presence

Have a naturally radiant confident presence without being sales-y, pushy, or inauthentic.

Unlock the Power of Your Life Force

Tap into the calm clear energy of your being-ness to experience better energy, confidence, motivation, and well-being.

Create Better Self-care Habits

Be emotionally driven to practice better self-care habits that optimize your health and well-being.

Access Your Deep Inner Wisdom

Develop self-trust and intuitive acumen so you take effective soul-aligned actions that nurture yourself, improve your life, and grow yourself and your business.

Like these clients...

“When I first experienced Sandra’s work I was blown away by the powerful energy I could feel as she helped me clear negative imprints…I have a much stronger sense of what I want in my business, I have better boundaries and I am much better at communicating my needs. I would recommend this work to anyone who is feeling stuck or unable to make a change they have been wanting to for some time. A lot of times what keeps us stuck are hidden subconscious beliefs that we don’t even know are there. It takes an expert like Sandra to systematically sleuth them out and free us from them.”

Dr. Marie Rodiguez, Naturopath and Shamanic Energy Healer

“As a result of my work with Sandra, I found an immense amount of relief, permission and clarity.  It was so impactful to have that customized love, permission, and healing. Being in Sandra’s loving energy was so powerful — she leaves an impact that stays with you long after your time together. I feel extremely empowered and more aligned after our time together.  Thank you, Sandra, you are magic and I feel grateful and honored to have been in your space.”   

Autumn Bensette, Intuitive Business Coach

“Sandra helped me become aware of limiting beliefs that blocked my business success. Her gift of clairvoyance made it simple for me to trust that she was on the right track with helping me not only uncover but also shift these beliefs through her tapping solution. Sandra was helpful in real time by suggesting that I increase my programs to a two level program that would serve my clients more effectively. I’d recommend that you contact Sandra if you want to uncover limiting beliefs and shift them for more positive results in your business.”  

Patricia Fuqua, Relationship Coach

“When Sandra and I started working together all I had was an idea, many fears and lots of excuses. Sandra met me right where I was and helped me to move forward from there in a way that felt SO EMPOWERING! She helped me identify layers of beliefs that were holding me back and taught me a powerful way to move past them…By the end of our time together I’d created several offerings, rebranded, started working on a new website and attracted my first self care coaching prospect. I’m so appreciative of our time together and highly recommend Sandra to any coach or entrepreneur ready to make things happen via the path of least resistance. “

Maria Fendrick – Self Care Coach

“Participating in Sandra’s program has truly been a blessing in learning to achieve inner happiness and abundance by releasing negativity and conflict in my energy system. With Sandra’s guidance, I have shifted my energy focus 180 degrees. My intention and purpose is no longer to strive for outward perfection and success, but to vibrate a more positive and peaceful inner state that will manifest emotional and financial abundance. I can now let my security come from being present, going with the flow and trusting in the healing space of unconditional love.”  

Emily Congdon – Healthcare Consultant

“Before working with Sandra I felt uncertain and stuck in communicating my desires. After working with Sandra, I saw that my indecisiveness was because I focused too heavily on what others might think or feel. Rather than trusting that my deep desires should be respected, I held back. Through our session I was able to unblock some of the old programming causing me to doubt my desires. Since then, I feel more empowered to own my voice and expression. I don’t over-analyze because I can trust my intuition. I am less afraid to speak my mind and my relationships are even stronger and closer than before.”

Melinda Lee--Women’s Speaking and Empowerment Coach

Dr. Sandra has the ability to identify the crux of an issue, release its hold on the mind, body and spirit and then upgrade it into a higher frequency outcome and behaviors in alignment with the soul. She is a delight to work with, very straight ahead and obviously supremely gifted.

Aimee Lydon-Adams, CEO at Aimee

“Working with Sandra has been a godsend for me personally and for the development of my sustainability business. She’s helping me clear away mental, emotional and spiritual blocks. I discovered I have inherited negative messages from my culture about speaking up and sharing my business with others. I highly recommend Sandra’s intuitive and unique style of healing past wounds and moving forward as a powerful woman. I have continued to enjoy her workshops and highly recommend attending them.”

Natasha Zellerbach, Sustainability Patways

You can be the next success story...

It's time to:

✔ Stop working against yourself trying to create success in your business and your life

✔ Remove the programming that is sabotaging your health, happiness, and success

✔ Stop spending thousands of dollars on coaching programs without ever addressing the real cause of your problem

✔ Rewire your subconscious so you can have a happy, healthy, and abundant life that’s aligned with your purpose

And there's more...

Fearless and Fabulous

In this transformational video training, you will learn– How to identify and release the cultural programming that’s holding you back– How to assert your presence in the world and be recognized as a leader-– The secrets to attracting clients who are searching for exactly what you offer-– The confidence to express your true self and stand out in your niche.-– How to create a fulfilling life and business by being authentically you.

The Aura Colors Handbook

This 12-page handbook will help you identify the colors and the energy patterns in your own auric field. Use it to clear stagnant energy and to release limiting beliefs so you can up-level your energy for more success and fulfillment.

Attract More Success and Fulfillment Using the Power of Your Emotional Energy Field

The Aura Power Tool Kit helps you use the power of your aura–your emotional energy field–to create more success and attract more of the right people and opportunities.

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